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Why choose Clyde Carers Community Services...

What can we do?

Through many years of providing Live-in Care at Home we can in most cases taken on bring peace of mind in place of concern.

We cater for a whole range of dependency levels from care and companionship through to High and Total Dependency.

Sensitive to the Client’s requirements we aim to maintain or restore your independence – despite impairments. Clients are able to get back control of their lives rather than finding themselves in an unviable condition. Your immediate family can have peace of mind.

In the extreme we deal with severe conditions such as total paralysis, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or other causes of total debility.

Almost invariably there are medical complications when we need to work closely with your primary care professionals such as your doctor, District Nurse and Occupational Therapist. We are guided by them in your medical care.

Then we also care for conditions that sometimes have lesser dependency levels such as:

  • Conditions of the Elderly

  • Stroke recovery situations

  • Recovering Amputees

  • Impaired mobility

  • Learning Difficulties

  • And at the lower end of the scale:

  • Supportive Companionship

  • How do we do it?

    Responding to an enquiry we send out our information pack including a Client registration form and on receipt our Nurse Manager can discuss arrangements and visit as necessary beginning the care plan. After discussions with all parties involved set-up arrangements are agreed and we send a formal letter proposing how we would proceed. Normally selected staff live-in to cover a continuous rota system with their own bedroom and meals from the household unless a subsistence allowance is given. As the support proceeds we keep in touch with progress and the Nurse Manager will normally visit again within the first week to ensure all is well.

    Who we answer to.

    But others act on your behalf such as the Scottish Care Inspectorate. We are licensed by the Scottish Care Inspectorate to Conduct a Care at Home service and are inspected annually or at larger intervals at the Inspector’s discretion. Our latest inspection report is available upon request or from the Care Inspectorate’s web site


    What is our safety record?

    We routinely assess risk for all aspects of the care situation. We have a very good safety record with several of the last few years being able to report no accidents on our annual safety report.

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